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Kids at Missouri Daycare Injured…By a Car?

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We worry about the safety of our kids all the time.  For fear of our little bundles being injured by vehicles, we squeeze their hands while crossing the street, we buckle them up in their child safety seats, we pause at intersections before driving through even when the light is green.  For those of us who drop our kids off at daycare for the day, we prepare for safety there too.  We apply sunscreen and bug spray, we make sure the security system is working and followed, we ask questions of the teachers.  But it certainly doesn’t cross our minds that outside of the parking lot, we have to worry about our kids being injured by a car at daycare.

That is exactly the news that horrified parents with children at a Kansas City, Missouri daycare today.  CNN reports that a SUV struck a Cadillac which then was thrown into the front wall of a daycare facility in Kansas City, Missouri today.  The car crash at the daycare resulted in injuries to three children and one adult, believed the be the driver of the Cadillac.  Fortunately, early reports indicate that while these children do indeed have serious injuries, they are not reported to be life-threatening.  For a brief period of time following the crash between the car and the building, two children were trapped.  For an unknown reason, even though it appears the Cadillac was pushed into the building by another car, the driver of the Cadillac ran from the scene.  We do not know if this driver was caught.  We also do not know what caused the driver of the SUV to crash into the Cadillac, which ultimately started this chain reaction.

The parents of both the injured kids and the non-injured kids likely breathed a sigh of relief when they learned the situation wasn’t worse.  I know they are hugging their children tight tonight, as are we all.  Tomorrow, and the next several days, maybe even weeks, will be tough for these families as they try to understand how and why this happened.  This certainly isn’t something that any parent expects to happen.  My thoughts go out to these families and the daycare.  I wish them all a speedy recovery.

Lindsay Rakers, 2013