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Spring Break – Fun for Students, Scary for Parents

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My Spring Break may be boring to some but it was welcomed by me! This past weekend was spent running around the yard trying to find colorful eggs with pennies inside. I remember my teenage and college Spring Breaks – they were a far cry from what they are now. More and more, I hear stories about tragic Spring Break injuries and deaths across the nation. As a mother of two young girls (and also a constant worrier), I already dread the day my daughters are of "Spring Break" age.

Two University of Tennessee students were killed during Spring Break this year – one was involved in a moped accident in Mexico and the other dove into shallow surf at the beach. In California, two high school students were killed and three others seriously injured after a car flipped over during a high-speed highway race. Because most Spring Breaks involved beaches and road-trips, most of the tragic stories we hear about involve car accidents or car crashes or swimming-related injuries. Spring Break is a time of relaxation, fun, and freedom and frequently, students turn to alcohol or other drugs during this time. Of course, alcohol and drugs and make dangerous activities even more dangerous and otherwise safe activities quite dangerous.

In addition to swiming injuries, diving injuries, car accidents, car crashes, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accident, other activities can prove dangerous on Spring Break including:

  • binge drinking
  • dehydration
  • boating accidents
  • lack of sleep
  • sunburn
  • alcohol poisoning
  • accidental drug usage (at a bar)
  • assault/battery

There are several things you can do to protect yourself during Spring Break including:

  • do not swim, dive or boat under the influence
  • drink plenty of water
  • wear sunscreen
  • do not go to isolated places alone
  • always stay near people you trust
  • wear life vests

Like anything in life, a safe event is always more enjoyable. Before you head out on Spring Break (and for parents, before your kids head out the door on that trip), think ahead of ways to make sure that your trip is enjoyable and remains injury-free.

K. Lindsay Rakers, Injury Attorney