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K. Lindsay Rakers

Rights Stripped from Missouri Drivers Injured in Car Crashes

It isn’t uncommon in Missouri for crazy, rights-stripping bills to be enacted.  So it isn’t strange that we are discussing another piece of legislature that has us trial lawyers concerned.  But the recent House Bill 339 has many people shaking […]

K. Lindsay Rakers

Colossus – Computers Can’t Determine Individual Losses

Allstate continues to use a claims evaluation software to determine their insureds’ and claimants’ harms and losses.  Allstate uses a software called “Colossus” to assist their adjusters.  It is actually estimated that 70% of car accident claims are being evaluated […]

K. Lindsay Rakers

Illinois Responds to Distracted Driving – Where are the Rest of Our States?

In reading the news this morning, I saw a post by fellow Injury Board member, Steven Gursten.  The post discusses a new Michigan bill that would increase the speed limit to 80 MPH.  The new bill, if passed, would effectively […]

K. Lindsay Rakers

Frequently Asked Questions Following a Car Crash

I represent those injured in both downstate Illinois car accidents and Missouri car accidents.  I find that oftentimes, my new clients seem to have the same questions.  I have tried to answer these questions with my Missouri Accident Guide and […]

K. Lindsay Rakers

What About the “Small” Cases?

Not every slip and fall or car accident results in an injury requiring surgery.  Not every crash involves a truck (like this recent Missouri tractor trailer crash).  Not every dog bite results in a scar.  Frankly, attorneys all want the […]

K. Lindsay Rakers

Why Won’t My Lawyer Call Me Back?

I used to work on the other side – the “dark side” as some of my colleagues put it.  While defense attorneys sometimes represent an individual, typically represent either corporations or insurance companies.  When I was a defense attorney, my […]

K. Lindsay Rakers

Are Our Bridges and Overpasses Safe?

With collapses in both Washington State and Missouri, many are left concerned with the safety, durability, and potential hazards of bridge and overpass construction. Although many are saying that…

K. Lindsay Rakers

My Lawyer Filed My Case, Now What? Part IV (Expert Depositions)

We previously discussed fact witness depositions. Now we will discuss expert witness depositions.

Expert witnesses are used to explain to the jury a specific issue that a typical person…

K. Lindsay Rakers

My Lawyer Filed My Case, Now What? Part III (Fact Witness Depositions)

Last time, we discussed party depositions. This time, we will discuss fact witness depositions.

What are fact witnesses and what role to they play in your case? Fact witnesses are the people…

K. Lindsay Rakers

What if I’m Hurt but I Don’t Want to Sue?

A fair question. Sometimes injured people come to me and are worried about medical bills piling up and missing work but they are afraid to do anything because they are scared to go to court or…