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K. Lindsay Rakers

Distracted Driving Isn’t Just a Problem in the United States

Most of us by now have heard about the devastating train derailment in northwestern Spain last week. ¬†What we didn’t know until today is that the train conductor was on his phone at the time of the crash that killed […]

K. Lindsay Rakers

Tire Blowout Causes Bus Accident Fatality in Litchfield Illinois

Recently, I have spoken a lot about distracted driving whether it be through the use of cell phones, texting, radio station changing, alcohol or drugs. But emphasis should also be placed on…

K. Lindsay Rakers

Another Kirkwood Missouri Tragedy – Teen Killed by Train

I used to live in the quiet, peaceful town of Kirkwood, Missouri. Kirkwood is a town like you see in the movies – kids playing outside, people walking their dogs, trains rolling through. I loved…