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K. Lindsay Rakers

What Kind of Injury Lawyer Do You Want?

You need a personal injury lawyer.  There are a lot of them out there.  Should you just toss a coin?  Should you pick the one on the back of the phone book?  Should you call the guy or gal who […]

K. Lindsay Rakers

You Can’t “Counsel” Clients Without a Connection

Whether injured in a car accident, truck accident, a defective product, a dangerous drug, a fall on a property, or at the hands of a careless doctor, all of my clients have one thing in common…they need to heal.  As […]

K. Lindsay Rakers

Disney in a World of Trouble?

Okay, I admit, Disney World is the happiest place on earth. I have never been to Disneyland but I'm sure it is no different. It's easy to forget how much you paid to get there, that you…

K. Lindsay Rakers

Think About Safety Before Engaging in Activities with Children

The weather is getting warmer, the sunshine is out more, school is out – what does this mean? Our kids have more energy! Many parents find themselves brainstorming of activities for the children,…

K. Lindsay Rakers

The Insurance Industry is All Take and No Give

“Are you ready to save hundreds by switching to [insert insurance company here]?”

Today it seems as though every insurance company is out to save you money, but how much are you…

K. Lindsay Rakers

Forced Arbitration Clauses Hurt the Injured, Small Businesses

Recent Wall Street notoriety has left many wondering if small investors can regain their confidence in the market and feel comfortable investing again. Heath Abshure, the current president of the…

K. Lindsay Rakers

Cancer Treatments Out of Reach Due to Sky-High Co-Pays

I remember when my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. The diagnosis was scary enough and sent a shock wave through our family. But it got worse. As she fought for her life, her health…

K. Lindsay Rakers

My Lawyer Filed My Case, Now What? Part V (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

Last time, we covered expert depositions. Once your case has made it through expert depositions, your case is close to going to trial. One more thing that may happen prior to taking your case to…

K. Lindsay Rakers

My Lawyer Filed My Case, Now What? Part II (Party Depositions)

So your lawyer has investigated your potential claim (car accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice), has tried to settle your claim with the insurance company without success, and determined…

K. Lindsay Rakers

My Lawyer Filed My Case, Now What? Part I (Discovery)

Every case is different. Oftentimes, one of the first things my clients ask me when we first decide to work together is will we have to file my lawsuit in court? My answer is a typical lawyer…