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K. Lindsay Rakers

The SMART Act, Finally, an Easier Road to Settlement for Medicare Recipients (and their lawyers!)

Given my law practice, which is based 100% on representing victims of negligence, finalizing settlements are a part of my everyday practice. In the past, Medicare liens have become a big problem…

K. Lindsay Rakers

Dangerous “Swatting” Callers Targeting More Than Just Hollywood Stars

The latest form of prank calling has grown into a very dangerous form of play. Swatting, as defined by Wikipedia, attempts to direct response units of different types (police, fire, even SWAT) to…

K. Lindsay Rakers

Tort Reform Hurts America

Tort reform, a movement which begun in the 1980’s, is becoming an increasingly prominent scam to strip injured Americans of their rights and recovery under the law. Tort reform, started by…

K. Lindsay Rakers

What I Love Most About Being a Lawyer

When I was younger, I was aware that my grandfather was a Judge (Judge Gail McWard) in Taylorville, Illinois (Christian County). I watched folks look up to my grandfather in that small town. Back…

K. Lindsay Rakers

Should Parents of Bullies be Held Accountable?

13 million kids will be bullied in the U.S. this year.

Although bullying is not a new phenomenon, it is becoming a disturbing trend. More and more stories about bullying are coming forward…

K. Lindsay Rakers

The Metro-East Injury Attorney’s Safety News You Can Use! July 27, 2012

A little twist this week as most of these stories deal with health as opposed to safety. Enjoy!

Siblings Heal Family Rifts Through Therapy – CNN.com

Parenting a Child with Language…

K. Lindsay Rakers

Another Insurance Company Denying a Life-Saving Procedure

St. Louis reporter Carolyn Tuft Wilson suffers from a severe airway obstruction which is caused by her jawbones. Her specific jaw structure restricts her intake of oxygen by partially blocking…

K. Lindsay Rakers

Is Your Child a Bully? Is Your Child Being Bullied?

Bullying is becoming a bigger problem in our society. We have heard news stories of children and teens being bullied on the internet, via phone texts, verbally at school, via notes, etc….

K. Lindsay Rakers

The Weekly Safety News You Can Use! July 16, 2012

Babies left in cars — it could be you – CNN.com

New close-up video shows fireworks fail – CNN.com

Man accidentally eats BBQ brush bristle – CNN.com

Scared teen jumps from sky…

K. Lindsay Rakers

Missouri and Illinois Injury Lawyer Supports ALS Event

ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is a disease of the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that control voluntary muscle movement. ALS is also known as Lou Gehrig's disease….