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K. Lindsay Rakers

Missouri Senate Bill 592 – Debated on the Senate Floor this Afternoon

Senate Bill 592 will be argued on our senate floor today. Bill 592 is the employment discrimination bill that will prevent employees from directly suing the person who actually commited the…

K. Lindsay Rakers

Employment Discrimination – Alive and Well

Employment discrimination in the workplace is still alive and well. It is important that Missouri residents are well-informed regarding their rights so that if something is amiss, it can be…

K. Lindsay Rakers

Gay Community Ruins the Institution of Marriage and Apologizes to Minnesota's Amy Koch

Senate Majority Leader (Minnesota) Amy Koch engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a Senate Staffer. She recently issued a public apology for her extramarital affair. The other guy is…

K. Lindsay Rakers

Are My Kids Second Class Citizens?

As we prepare ourselves for more political campaigns, more commercials, more left wing v. right wing, we are certain to continue to hear about marriage equality. We are certain to hear…