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Johnson & Johnson – More Recalls

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Johnson & Johnson finds itself in the media spotlight once again this week, with the company recalling almost two million Onetouch Verio Blood Sugar Meters due to a defect discovered in the reading system of the meter. Triggered from detection of extremely high blood sugar levels, the device either turns off or displays an inaccurate reading when a patients blood sugar level is tested. Although Johnson & Johnson noted that it is unlikely a diabetic’s blood sugar would get that high, if a patient did not receive prompt treatment it could result in potentially serious health risks.

Extremely high blood sugar spikes, such as those which may cause the Onetouch Meter to turn off or display an inaccurate reading can cause damage to blood vessels, the heart, kidneys, eyes, and other organs, potentially resulting in blindness, organ failure, limb amputations, and even death. Johnson and Johnson has sent notifications of the defective product to almost 90,000 meter users in the United States and will provide a replacement meter to all those with defective units.

The defective meters were produced under the OneTouch ViroIQ brand name domestically and under the OneTouch VerioIQ, OneTouch VerioPro and OneTouch VerioPro+ Brands internationally.