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Eye-Surgeon Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Settled

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In a strange case against a former eye surgeon ion Arizona, a medical malpractice lawsuit was settled last week. Dr. Bradley Schwartz was being sued for malpractice, but he and his attorneys decided to settle rather than go to trial. The reason: Schwartz and his lawyers though he may not be able to find impartial jurors since he was convicted of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder just four months ago.

When Schwartz performed an intraocular lens implant in November 2000, he didn’t tell the patient’s family he was addicted to prescription drugs.

They also said Schwartz failed to notice the retina in the patient’s right eye detached six months later and believe Schwartz’s drug problems were a contributing factor.

Schwartz was convicted of conspiracy in the murder of a rival ophthalmologist. His license to practice was revoked, and he was sentenced to life in prison. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.