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Obama Health Care Plan Doing Better than Promised for Young Adults

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The Obama Administration is taking heat for a lot of things these past few months. Of course, part (if not most) of the criticism comes at a time when folks are gearing up for another presidential election. But let's not gloss over what President Obama has accomplished for our country. Certainly, many people will first thing of the dramatic capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden when they think of President Obama. But Obama has also made great strides with our country's health care crisis.

According to the Huffington Post, the Obama Health Care Law has provided coverage to 2.5 million young americans. This number is a whopping two and a half times the figure indiciated by estimates earlier this year. The reason for the increase is that the plan provides that young adults may remain on their parent(s) health plan until they turn 26 years old. This is significant because many college and graduate school students were missing out on healthcare while they were not yet employed.

As a St. Louis Missouri injury attorney, many of my clients find themselves without health insurance for one reason or another. It is hard enough for a healthy person to get by without health insurance because routine preventative medicine is not accessible. This situation is compounded by a car crash or some other injury as medical bills mount up. The more Americans we can insure, the better it is for the tax-paying citizens and the country as a whole.

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