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Another Falling Limb Strikes and Injures a Child

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As I posted previously, I have been following Tripp Halstead and his wonderful family though his ordeal.  Tripp is a toddler who was injured during superstorm Sandy in Atlanta, Atlanta.  Tripp was playing outside at his daycare following the storm when a tree limb fell on his head resulting in a severe, life threatening traumatic brain injury (TBI).  Those who rushed to his aide are credited for saving his life.  You can follow Tripp’s story here.  He is an amazingly strong little boy who has beaten terrible odds – he made it through life-saving brain surgery on the date of the incident and has endured countless surgeries and complications since then.  I know his strong family has been pivotal in his progress.

I was so saddened to hear that a similar tragedy occurred yesterday in Louisville, Kentucky when a 13 year old boy was struck by a falling tree limb.  This time, despite, I’m sure, the doctors’ best efforts, the 13 year old boy was unable to survive his head and brain injuries.

Of course, whenever we hear tragedies like this, it is hard to not think of our own children or the young children in our lives.  We are having a tree expert (arborist) come to our house and check for damaged or dead limbs and remove them.  While I have been meaning to do this for some time, these stories have certainly kicked me in gear to do so now.  I am suggesting that daycares with large trees in the outdoor space take the time to do the same – the same for playgrounds, parks, and other places where children can be found playing.

The Louisville, Kentucky boy was riding a scooter along a street when he was struck.  It is obviously impossible to keep all trees in the area in perfect condition but we have to start somewhere.  Sometimes from tragedy comes hope.  I’d like to think that Tripp’s suffering and the young Kentucky boy’s death were not in vain.  Hug your kids.  Check your property.  If you see what you believe is an unsafe condition – whether it be a tree limb, a well, a dangerous playground or swing set – say something.  Do something.  Let’s all watch out for each other.

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