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Missouri Senate Bill 592 – Debated on the Senate Floor this Afternoon


Senate Bill 592 will be argued on our senate floor today. Bill 592 is the employment discrimination bill that will prevent employees from directly suing the person who actually commited the workplace discrimination – discrimination based upon age, race, disability, gender, religion or creed. If the current law is changed, in Missouri, companies will be required to take full blame for the discrimination – there is no individual liability. It gets worse – t he bill will also limit the amount the employee can actually recover in his/her employment discrimination lawsuit. In other words, individuals have no exposure for their discriminatory acts and companies can get away with discrimination with no real consequence. After all, the employer will be permitted to cut the employee out of a job without good excuse, save the expense, and know it's liability is limited.

I encourage all Missourians to contact your state senator and explain that they must vote no on this damaging legislation!


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  1. Debora Suttles says:
    up arrow

    I can not believe you are considering going backward! This is 2012 not 1964. This will include absolutely every person working or even those trying to get a job. Its hard enough the way it is.

  2. Mark says:
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    The Missouri legislature is pretty inept. I have no doubt they’ll pass something that’s “pro-business” at the expense of employees. Sad, but true.